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  2. Hi Alex, thanks a lot for your feedbacks. Before the motor-wheel truns off, did you brake it? sometimes, when you braking, then release it, must fully release, otherwise can not work normally.
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  5. Hallo! I have some problem with Bike D1 when I try to ride. After a few seconds of driving under load, the motor-wheel turns off. After I return the throttle handle to the starting position, I am again ready to start. The display at the time of shutdown does not go out, the voltage remains unchanged ... ... But If during starting I have a time to push the cruies-control button before motor turned off everything is OK in this case (like no problem at all) and I can ride until I stop the bike... ... By the way with a free wheel (without load) , it can rotate for hours without stoppage ... " So It looks like some kind of current protection switch off power. The battery and its voltagу is OK. I opened the motor-wheel and visually everything is OK. I have check the voltage at all three hall sensors (with rotation of wheel) and it is similar per each phase and pick is about 3.27 V. What else can be a problem with ?
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  7. Where did you buy it? Please ask the seller to change a new one for you. If you bought from our factory directly, DYU would change a new one for you indeed. Because the agent-seller will accelerate the exchanging process.
  8. the bike is new I received yesterday, and nothing works, there is no guarantee at home? I urgently need this bike for a French blogger
  9. Hi Peter, I am sorry to hear that, you can replace a new bluetooth and a new headlight
  10. New bike, the Bluetooth module does not work, which makes the use of the bike impossible ... also the horn does not work, the headlights do not work ... vodeo > video dyu d3 https://youtu.be/t4cfQcA-uI8
  11. All the product details of F-wheel DYU https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jcWirJYO8pqts4ftMnyZJ7DJtnC2VejmQHR5Kf5Kt0A/edit?usp=sharing
  12. DYU bike speed is under 45 km/hour, and it's legal to ride on the road of Denmark with a helmet. Danish parliament has decided to approve the speed pedelec – a type of super electric bike that can reach speeds of up to 45 km/hour – for riding on cycle paths. Danish Parliament has decided that as of July 1 2018 those operating the super bikes only need to have turned 15 and wear a helmet, while the licence and number-plate demands will no longer be in play.
  13. Focus of Shenzhen Counterbalance Technology Co.,Ltd: Manufacturing & factory Focus of F-wheel: Marketing & Sales Read More>>
  14. The new German road traffic law in a nutshell Up until recently, you needed a special certificate if you wanted to ride a 25km/h e-bike in Germany. From now on, these electric vehicles are equal to regular bikes whether they have a start-up aid or not. It means that you can finally upgrade to a faster and more efficient means of transportation without any hassle.
  15. Why DYU E-Bike is In Accordance with the Germany E-Bike Law After several years of debates and negotiations, Germany has finally passed a new law for bicycles and e-bikes. The new rules adapt to the current technological status quo and support people who ride a DYU E-Bike to participate in road traffic without additional certifications. It is a new era for the industry and a step towards making the world a safer place with eco-friendly solutions. Read more>>
  16. Hi, which model is your DYU? There is an APP controlling the speed. Check if the speed is set wrong on APP.
  17. How to change DYU speed to max when start to ride. my dyu speed start speed only max going like 10mp how to adjust anyone know Ty.
  18. Can you shoot a video showing the problem so that I can come out with a solution for you?
  19. Jamie's Customised DYU From Synergy Scooters! It’s finally here, the wait was worth it and the hype is real…Finally an LTA-Compliant Device that I can use for my daily commute! It’s time to seriously consider the DYU if you haven’t already purchased one! Remember to join the Telegram groups for updates around Singapore regarding the GREEN MEN! 😉
  20. dyu modification carousell marketplace https://sg.carousell.com/q/bicycles-pmds-1900/dyu-modification/
  21. The Creative Modifications of The DYU: https://www.voromotors.com/blogs/news/the-creative-modifications-of-the-dyu When the creative geniuses of Singapore get their hands on the DYU, the innovation is beyond our wildest imagination. You can get all kinds of accessories, upgrades and modifications at almost every retailer outlet. Today, we are featuring all the amazing upgrade works done by Singaporeans, users or retailers! The invasion of DYU - Credits to: Just Visited 到此壹游
  22. DYU Modification Finger Throttle Volt Meter Electric Scooter Upgrade #GenesisScoots RyanGenesis +
  23. DYU Modification - All the information is collected online, be careful before modifications or DYU won't be responsible for the consequence
  24. The problem lies in the Bluetooth board or program of the APP. The next version APP in May 2019 will solve the problem or you can use the method provided by users above to settle it temporarily.
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