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  3. Now I know when it happens. Delcopond has explained it very well in this same post. The sound on this bike is totally unpredictable. Sounds when it seems. It is a great mystery. Everyone wants to know why he activates himself but, nobody knows, neither do the engineers.😕
  4. Thank you, thank you very much! We're always at service of you. 🙂
  5. Je tiens à remercier https://forum.fwheel.cc/ et Jesse Jin, ainsi que F-wheel & DYU E Scooteer, pour leurs aides et leurs patiences, de m'avoir aidé dans mes recherches de pièces et de renseignement. Encore un grand merci à toute l'équipe, pour son professionnalisme et sont sérieux I would like to thank https://forum.fwheel.cc/ and Jesse Jin, as well as F-wheel & DYU E Scooteer, for their help and patience, for helping me in my search for parts and information. Another big thank you to the whole team, for their professionalism and are serious
  6. Thank you for the useful info. Please hold on. I'm asking it for you
  7. Hello, the request from Casolin and for a DYU D3f. Casolin is a friend from France, he is also on the band,https://www.facebook.com/groups/1179903035534425/ where you are welcome
  8. Hello, the request from Casolin and for a DYU D3f ;)
  9. Hello, Jesse Jin, I still haven't received an email to date? Have a good day
  10. Last week
  11. Hi Casolin, we need to know which model it is. Can you show us more info? Because different models have different sizes. After getting the model info, we'd ask our engineer for you about this.
  12. Maybe it works the same way electrol scooters do. Do you get any "beep" sound when it happens?
  13. You're welcome. Our Poland warehouse has these parts in stock, and our colleague Robin has emailed you the details, have a good day!
  14. Thank you very much and good morning from France .
  15. Hello, I'm looking for these parts, for a DYU D3f. can you give me the price for these parts and the dimensions of the bottom bracket (middle axle). Thank you very much
  16. Earlier
  17. Thank you very much for your response Jesse, I will send a message to that address then. A cordial greeting
  18. Hi Raúl, thanks for the valuable advice. According to multiple feedbacks from DYU users, this issue has happened in a certain group of DYU smart bikes. It's correlated with both Bluetooth board and APP. Newly produced DYU ebikes have eliminated the problem.To learn more about the details and solutions, please leave a message here or email fwheel@fwheel.cc
  19. This is a request for the software engineers (DYU d1 and DYU d2): Could you please get rid of the horn sounds that randomly happen for no reason? When you're driving on the street with pedestrians it can be uncomfortable or even embarrassing. Sometimes the horn goes off randomly and everyone thinks that you're doing it on purpose as if you wanted everyone to get out of the way, which can be very rude. Many thanks.
  20. Yes, we can. We've arranged you the one in charge, please notice your email. We'd love to cooperate with you!
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