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  3. Thank you very much for your quick reply and solution !!
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  5. Dear friend, this problem can be solved, please leave a message here: https://www.fwheel.cc/contact-us/
  6. Hi friend, very sorry hearing about it! Here are the links to download the Android deprecated versions: Download DYU APP in November 2019 Download DYU APP in August 2019 Download DYU APP in July 2019 Download DYU APP in May 2019 Download DYU APP in 2018 Download Forum Android Edge Version Download Rollgan APP Download Ancheer APP For more info about the app, please leave a message here:https://www.fwheel.cc/contact-us/
  7. Hi friend, very sorry hearing about it. Those problems are not big and can be solved with proper treatment. Could you please contact our sales to help you out of it? I'm sure all your problem can be solved by our sales by leaving a message here: https://www.fwheel.cc/contact-us/
  8. Yes, of course. I've transfered your message to the support department. You'll get reply soon. For futher info, please leave a message here: https://www.fwheel.cc/contact-us/
  9. There is some model of DYU with 14'' bigger wheels. But none of them can reach 40-45mph. Maybe they develope some bigger ones in the future according to your advice. What DYU care most at present is the portable size, nice appearance and performance stability.
  10. Agree. I have a DYU D1, I'd like it to go 20mphish.. but anything more and it wouldn't be safe, it's already wobbly at 15mph with the small 12" wheels.. for better stability you'd have to have bigger wheels and more weight to make it more stable.. would be great to have DYU start thinking about making an electric motorcycle or scooter that gets like 45mph top speed.. for around town. Bigger wheels.. nice frame.. fast charge.. 40-45mph top speed(cause some roads in town are this speed and it's not safe to go slower when everyone else going this speed or more).. nice sleek look like the DYU electric bikes.. etc. If it was priced between 1k and 1.5k USD, or even cheaper but still quality, that would be amazing.
  11. Hi could you please send me the wiring diagram of your DQHB2.6 D3 36 v controller by Shenzen Counterbalance Tech ? Jose M. jmcalaforra@ual.es Thanks in advance!
  12. Badly designed. Yes, it has a little rubber thing that goes directly over the actual port, which is a great feature. But, the area itself has a large floppy rubber thing that really doesn't snuggly fit without a huge waste of time wiggling it around trying to get it properly in place, which is annoying and time consuming and it's still loose no matter what you do so if it's protecting against water.. forget it. It's not a big deal, but the flare/taper in the middle of the handlebars makes it hard to mount a cellphone holder, if it was not flared/tapered it would be so easy. Another note, the brake, you have to either VERY GENTLY hold it to stop very slowly(what I do most times) or squeeze it super hard and stop super fast, because if you just squeeze anywhere in the middle the whole bike vibrates in a pulsing manner which is disconcerting and annoying as it jiggle you all over the place. After a while owning this bike, the D1, that's what I've noticed.
  13. I just downloaded and installed the new updated app. WORSE! How? I had it maxed to 18mph(not that I ever got that, most I ever achieved was RARELY 17mph downhill with momentum built up, AVG more like 15-16mph..ish), installed the new update for app, now it's maxed to 15. WTF? I wanted MORE speed, not less. Now it won't go over 15. It was supposed to go to 20mph. I also noticed the tired are really picky, if they aren't aired up to 45 every ride, you lose speed.
  14. They should turn this OFF or provide the ability to turn it off, in America this can cause a wreck by startling you the operator or nearby people who think you're honking at them for no reason, I've gotten glares a couple times when people thought I was honking at them when I wasn't it was the random honk. VERY annoying.
  15. I would like to know: Under what circumstances does the cruising speed activate on the dyu d2 bike ? Every day I see it automatically turn on, but I never expect it, I never know when it's about to happen. Thank you
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  17. The dyu d2 model does not include a cruise button 😔
  18. Then I should maybe ask differently: Under what circumstances does the cruising speed activate? Every day I see it automatically turn on, but I never expect it, I never know when it's about to happen. Thank you
  19. Hi, only when you press the cruise button, then it can work, otherwise it's dangerous, hope this can help you
  20. It's not possible according to my knowledge. It needs to operate according to the bike design to activate the cruising speed.
  21. I would like to know if it is possible to activate the cruising speed on dyu d2. ( Constant speed without having to act on the accelerator and not pedaling). Thanks and kind regards
  22. When someone needs a insanely high speed, he'd better take a car. Any scooter or ebike with only 2 wheels doesn't has the stability like cars.
  23. That's extremely fast! Probably the fastest one I've heard of. Really risky though. In Denmark the fastest is MCU-Sport 48V Brushless 1600W Xtreme which can go 31 MPH (50 km/h). Actually Denmark passed a law stating that any electric scooter which can go faster than 20 km/h (12.5 MPH) is illegal on public roads. So I guess we won't experience the insanity of the Nanrobot LS7.
  24. Dear Friend, Which model of your bike did you hold? Does your bike has a bluetooth and APP? sometimes the bike display battery show is not so accurate, but in the APP you can check the battery accurately, so plz check the battery in you APP after it is full charged. For more convenient of our communication and better solve your problem, plz contact me by email: sales1@fwheel.cc or whatsapp:+86-19874721203 thank you
  25. Probleme pour recharger une batterie a 100%. Apres plusieur essai la batterie ne se recharge uniquement avec 3 barres sur 4. Le chargeur a le voyant au vert en fin de chargement. Petit commentaire dyu vent des velos en tres grand nombre, il me semble que la garanti devrait pouvoir fonctionner. Le fait d'etre fabricant chinois ne doit pas etre un argument. Le minimum est d'avoir des pieces de rechange. La liste des problemes commence a etre longue pour mon velo, est malgre de nombreux mail photo contact avec distributeur, a la fin il n'y a rien et je dois me debrouiller pour le faire fonctionner.
  26. Hello,Sir,switch problem?
  27. Sorry hearing about that, email at fwheel@fwheel.cc about the problem and you'll get replied soon.
  28. Bonjour, probleme sur dyu D3 vip. L'ecran reste toujours allumé. L'interrupteur ne fonctionne plus. J'ai achete une nouvel interrupteur et klaxon "switch and horn". La prise n'est pas compatible. J'ai realise des tests. Depose interrupteur = ecran allumé. Deconnection ecran puis connection ecran= ecran allumé. Deconnection batterie puis connection batterie= ecran allumé. Le velo continu de fonctionné, en revanche la batterie se vide. Peut on charger la batterie avec ecran allume? Je suis dessus de la fiabilite du velo dyu en seulement 10mois et 600 kilometres , car il est vraiment super a utilisé. Avez vous une solution? je ne peux pas changer tous les composants au hasard.!!!
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