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  5. Hello, could you please tell me whether the indicator light of the charger is red when the car starts to charge, and it turns green after a few hours? Or if when the ebike is charged, turn on the ebike and check out the horn is ringing or not. Let me know so we can find out where is trouble coming from, thanks.
  6. Dear, My son used his DYU for 1 year now and sudently nothing worked. I plug the charger, it's coming green when the battery is full but the trottle does not light, on/OFF button does not work, etc. Where is trouble coming from? I do not have complete explanation from my son what's happen exactly. Do I change the controller card or motor? where can I buy them? Regards
  7. Hi friend, 25km/h is an ideal and max speed. For safety, it cannot reach a higher speed than that.
  8. Hi, is it possible to enhance the speed limit over 25Km?
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  10. Buy DYU smart bike in Ireland: https://dyu.ie/ , Email: sales@dyu.ie
  11. This DYU forum doesn't sell DYU ebikes individually, please contact fwheel@fwheel.cc for purchase or wholesale. Or purchase from https://dyu.fwheel.cc/
  12. don't worry, you can always ask me if you have any questions 😄
  13. 15mm wrench. Standard bike pedal wrench
  14. Thank you. No more questions, I promise.
  15. of course, may I have you email address? I shall send it to you.
  16. Can you show me the picture of this part?
  17. Currently only the English version of the user manual
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