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  3. Where can I buy this bike in Italia, Milano ? If none exist then how can I become a reseller here in Italia?
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  5. Please email to sales1@fwheel.cc
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  7. I've changed my password and forgot any help?? All it says is hint error code jm0d39
  8. Hello,Friend,Pls check attached Small Video,It will help you,Pls noted,Thanks! VID_20181009_104148.mp4
  9. How do I re-align the handlebar and wheels so that it is symmetrical again
  10. ikk heb er 1 zonder trappers kan ik die om bouwen zodat ik een soort fiets
  11. Just bought a brand new dyu folding electric scooter. When the bike is fully charged and disconnected from the charger it goes completely dead however when it is still connected to the charging cord it is fully operational. I repeat this is after it has been fully charged.
  12. Apres 9 mois d'utilisation le klaxon la lumiere et le bluetooth se sont mis a fonctionner. Un miracle.!!!!
  13. Hi LUC, suggest you can buy the 14inch tires in local bike store, it should be more easier and it's a cheap way to solve the problem.
  14. Hi Julien,did you confirm the problem with your seller? the horn and bluetooth App all can't work, right?
  15. Bonjour, Je possede un dyu d3 vip, un superbe vehicule. En revenche je n'ai jamais reussi a faire fonctionner le bluetooth la lumière et le klaxon. Ou peut in trouver des pieces de rechange pour la france. Merci.
  16. Bonjour. je cherche à acheter les pneus et chambres à air de mon Dyu D3 roues de 14". je ne trouve pas de fournisseur avec la valve déportée en latéral. luc
  17. I have 2 new DYU bikes.  An Ancheer D1 and a Rollgan with the 2 brakes and the 4.4AH battery.

    The horn beeps randomly, but only on the Rollgan.  No problem with the Ancheer.  What could be the problem?


  18. With a "worked" firmware it must go!
  19. our max speed of D2 is 25KM/H. You can adjust the max speed to 25KM/H in the DYU APP. But there is no way to adjust max speed over 25KM/H. plz note
  20. Thanks for asking. The latest version APP may help. Or you need to customize it, which is not recommended
  21. How can I increase the top speed for DYU D2? Thanks
  22. which is not recommended for the sake of safety.
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