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  1. Since the epidemic in 2020, sales of two-wheelers have increased sharply, and electric bicycles have also been among them. Under the epidemic, the need to maintain a safe distance and the surge in food delivery and delivery services have promoted the development of two-wheelers, especially electric bicycles. In China, electric bicycles have shown a good momentum in terms of production, sales, and export. From January to July 2020, China’s completed production of electric bicycles was 15.501 million, an increase of 18.7% year-on-year. The operating income of electric bicycles was 47.29 bil
  2. Here is a part of F-wheel user guides, user manuals and instructions that will help your use of our vehicles. Have fun riding DYU e-bike! DYU Smart Bike S1 User Manual | Chinese 5-TDZ009Z产品说明书20200523 DYU Smart Bike S1 User Manual | English DYU Smart E scooter S1 User Manual | English F-wheel A5 User Manual | Chinese 中文说明书 F-wheel A5 User Manual | English version 1 F-wheel A5 User Manual | English version 2 F-wheel A5 User Manual | English version 3 DYU D3F User Manual | with pedal | English version 1 DYU D3F User Manual | with pedal |English versio
  3. 1. There is the possibility bike move alone (without do pedals for some minutes, like scooter) with maximum speed (25 km/h)? Yes, it's possible. 2. This bike has only one speed (the maximum), doesn’t have low speed and medium speed? The speed could be lower if you throttle it lighter. 3. The App is available for iPhone and has English (and Greek)? The APP has English version as we know. D3F doesn't need an APP in most versions. 4. Last question, can we have access and find it in market spare parts, in battery, moter, gear shift etc for fix it or change it, in the
  4. Solution: Fix the seat tightly first, then grab the seat and pull it out while shaking it from side to side. Here is the video:
  5. DYU D1 Standard (6ah battery) Smart Electric Scooter Bike https://dyu.fwheel.cc/ebikes/dyu-smart-electric-bike-d1/ DYU D1 Deluxe (10.4ah battery) Smart Electric Scooter Bike https://dyu.fwheel.cc/ebikes/dyu-smart-electric-bike-d1-deluxe/
  6. You can directly order from our Retail shop which is more convenient than Amazon. DYU D1 has 2 versions: Deluxe(10.4ah battery) & Standard(6ah battery) . Choose the one that fits you best.
  7. Contact on our Alibaba site for other DYU spare parts like tire, bike frame, pedals, battery etc: https://dyu.en.alibaba.com/productgrouplist-812777509/parts_accessories.html?spm=a2700.icbuShop.88.15.7dad76b4lfFFhi
  8. Handle with display and cruise control for DYU D1-------parts for only DYU dealer: https://dyu.en.alibaba.com/product/62197171284-812777509/handle_with_display_and_cruise_control_for_DYU_D1_parts_for_only_DYU_dealer.html?spm=a2700.icbuShop.41413.9.72b361d0o0egU5 Babyseat for DYU ebikes Child Seat with footset for DYU D1 D2 and D3 E-Vehicle Accessories for electric bikes : https://dyu.en.alibaba.com/product/62523561825-812777509/Babyseat_for_DYU_ebikes_Child_Seat_with_footset_for_DYU_D1_D2_and_D3_E_Vehicle_Accessories_for_electric_bikes.html?spm=a2700.icbuShop.41413.11.72b36
  9. Hi Michael, contact our sales at fwheel@fwheel.cc and you'll get the solution soon. Sorry for the problem with the bike.
  10. Yes, we can. We've arranged you the one in charge, please notice your email. We'd love to cooperate with you!
  11. The wholesale prices of DYU smart bike are subject to change because the prices of raw materials, pedals, chains, dashboard and motor, etc., shipping fee and tax all change with the time. Therefore, it's hard to give a fixed price in a long period like retailing. You know,1 dollar price rise or fall means a lot to bulk orders, wholesale is totally different from retail. The wholesale prices of DYU smart bike of different models range from 170 USD - 560 USD. Most are between 200 USD - 400 USD. (Notice: wholesale minimum order is 100 sets or more) And what we
  12. Leave a message here for more information about iCartbot: https://www.fwheel.cc/product/product-self-balancing-electric-unicycleicarbot-walkcar-four-wheel-scooter/
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