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  1. Hi, Deaner, thanks for the feedback and sharing much. We'll improve the manual according to the feedback for a better user experience. Besides, you can leave message here for questions and needs about the bike, we'll reply soon.
  2. I'll ask about it from our sales again for you.
  3. The front brake pads, or rear brake pad? Which model's brake pad? Difference brake pads are shaped differently.
  4. Dario, sorry but our sales said it's more expensive buying spare parts from us rather than Passion Gadgets since you're in Italy. It seems no other solution yet. The video for changing front light:
  5. The controller is designed for 36V. Running on 48V will damage the bike motor or circuit in some degree. The chances of running 48v is unknown.
  6. According to your description as "after changing the new bluetooth card, the horn works but the front light doesn't work“, our engineer speculates the problem lies in the front light. A new front light need to be installed replacing the old one.
  7. @dario rosiMaybe the new Bluetooth board also has problem. Or the connection between the Bluetooth board and the light is lost. Please hold on, I'm asking our engineer for further information about how to fix it.
  8. @dario rosiDid you do anything to the Bluetoothboard? The light is controlled by the the Bluetoothboard, and it's likely to not work when customized improperly.
  9. @Rosy (Rosy Chen) Chen@Robin Huang @sales
  10. Customisation may reach higher speed and realize different performance according to the spare parts you use. However, it's not recommended to customize the bike.
  11. Hi, Robin, needn't our customer's email, you can talk by the message in this forum directly, which is faster and convenient.
  12. Our sales was on Dragon Boat Festival in last 2 days, and got back to office just now. Please don't worry, and your needs, questions and problems in the forums and emails will be replied very soon.
  13. @Rosy (Rosy Chen) Chen@Robin Huang@sales@Nicole (Nicole) Tang Need to contact our sales to buy this. Our sales was on Dragon Boat Festival in last 2 days, and got back just now.
  14. @Rosy (Rosy Chen) Chen@Robin Huang@sales@Nicole (Nicole) Tang
  15. @Rosy (Rosy Chen) Chen@Robin Huang@sales@Nicole (Nicole) Tang
  16. @Rosy (Rosy Chen) Chen @Robin Huang @Nicole (Nicole) Tang
  17. The temperature does not affect the battery life. Reverse to 2018 version app to unlock the speed: Download DYU APP in 2018
  18. @Rosy (Rosy Chen) Chen @Nicole (Nicole) Tang @Robin Huang
  19. @Rosy (Rosy Chen) Chen@Nicole (Nicole) Tang @Robin Huang
  20. @Rosy (Rosy Chen) Chen@Nicole (Nicole) Tang @Robin Huang
  21. Usually the bike runs 25km/h, higher speed needs a little customization
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