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  1. Sorry hearing about that, email at fwheel@fwheel.cc about the problem and you'll get replied soon.
  2. Rosy should have replied you, thanks for inquiring
  3. Please email to sales1@fwheel.cc
  4. Thanks for asking. The latest version APP may help. Or you need to customize it, which is not recommended
  5. which is not recommended for the sake of safety.
  6. APP of DYU electric bike 5.0.0 What's New in Version 5.0.0 See changelog Released 3 minutes ago 2019 August Update Notice: Fixed the bugs including: 1. APP lost control of the lights; 2. Constant speed cruise function not working.
  7. @Rosy (Rosy Chen) Chen @Robin Huang @Nicole (Nicole) Tang
  8. @Rosy (Rosy Chen) Chen @Robin Huang @Nicole (Nicole) Tang
  9. Reply from @Robin Huang It need some tests before understanding where the problem is: 1. Chek if the problem lies in throttle. 2. Is it set as none zero speed start 2. Is the electricity cutting brake is broken. Can you provide photos?
  10. 2019 July Update Notice: This version has fixed some fatal bugs, and it’s compatible with more Bluetooth boards. A must-try version for all DYU users.
  11. A new version DYU app is updated in July 2019!
  12. A new version app is updated in July 2019!
  13. Thanks for sharing. The speed is also related to the rider weight and road condition
  14. Hi, Deaner, thanks for the feedback and sharing much. We'll improve the manual according to the feedback for a better user experience. Besides, you can leave message here for questions and needs about the bike, we'll reply soon.
  15. I'll ask about it from our sales again for you.
  16. The front brake pads, or rear brake pad? Which model's brake pad? Difference brake pads are shaped differently.
  17. Dario, sorry but our sales said it's more expensive buying spare parts from us rather than Passion Gadgets since you're in Italy. It seems no other solution yet. The video for changing front light:
  18. The controller is designed for 36V. Running on 48V will damage the bike motor or circuit in some degree. The chances of running 48v is unknown.
  19. According to your description as "after changing the new bluetooth card, the horn works but the front light doesn't work“, our engineer speculates the problem lies in the front light. A new front light need to be installed replacing the old one.
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