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  1. On 7/20/2019 at 8:32 PM, Jose M. said:

    The velocimeter of the LCD display and the app IOS don't match when real speed in the LCD is over 25 km/h


    Test has been made on DYU D3+ 1) Cruise mode On, 2) Speed settings 30 km/h, Start up accelerator

    LCD=23,4 then Ios app=23,4 that's ok
    LCD=26,2 then IOS app= 24,2 don't macth
    This means that the app software does not admit values over 25 km/h

    Other minor bug in the IOA app (map screen when you discrad to save the track)
    Cancle >>> Cancel

    Thanks for your help!

    Thanks for sharing. The speed is also related to the rider weight and road condition

  2. 17 minutes ago, Steve Guest said:

    I know you do not recomend it, but what are the chances of your controller running 48v

    The controller is designed for 36V. Running on 48V will damage the bike motor or circuit in some degree. The chances of running 48v is unknown.

  3. According to your description as "after changing the new bluetooth card, the horn works but the front light doesn't work“, our engineer speculates the problem lies in the front light. 

    A new front light need to be installed replacing the old one.

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