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  1. On 3/5/2020 at 10:09 PM, Michael Kershaw said:

    had a dyu  D2 for 18months and was brilliant, upgraded now to the D3+ and having major issues with the rear motor getting water in. replaced the motor already and now after 1 month the new motor is kaput....once again with water getting in, bike was bought from MAF Scooters in the uk and they say its not covered by warranty, need some help please on how to resolve this issue, thanks

    Hi Michael, contact our sales at fwheel@fwheel.cc and you'll get the solution soon. Sorry for the problem with the bike.

  2. The wholesale prices of DYU smart bike are subject to change because the prices of raw materials, pedals, chains, dashboard and motor, etc., shipping fee and tax all change with the time.


    Therefore, it's hard to give a fixed price in a long period like retailing. You know,1 dollar price rise or fall means a lot to bulk orders, wholesale is totally different from retail. 


    The wholesale prices of DYU smart bike of different models range from 170 USD - 560 USD. Most are between 200 USD - 400 USD. (Notice: wholesale minimum order is 100 sets or more)


    And what we can do is to calculate the right price at the moment you enquire about it (Click here to inquire), then we'll reply to you with emails of price list, catalog, and DYU scooter specs.

    What we provide by email is the best price when you inquire, ensuring you buy decentest products at the lowest cost.


    Moreover,  the retail prices of DYU smart bike also vary in different countries because we have different agents and dealers in different countries. If you'd like to buy 1 or 2 Dyu escooters. you can buy from our dealers enjoying the fastest delivery and best service.


    Usually,  the agent of a specific country is not allow to sell DYU escooter to other countries according to our agent cooperation agreement.

  3. What is UL2272?
    In layman’s terms, the UL2272 is a U.S. certification awarded to electrical mobility devices that have met the standards of a comprehensive system of safety tests. The testing parameters include both electrical and mechanical components as well as environmental aspects to assess electrical safety. To further explain, the assessment takes into account how resistant the devices are against impact, extreme temperatures, water exposure and other factors. Under these conditions, signs of short circuiting and imbalance charging would indicate a possibility of fire and therefore deemed as less than ideal in level of electrical safety.

  4. DYU UL2272 Certified Seated Electric Scooter

    DYU is a UL2272 certified, LTA compliant e-scooter. This is one of the most popular seated e-scooter in the market due to its overall weight, room for additional accessories and affordability.

    In addition, it looks and feels like an electric bicycle (e-bike) thus appeals to existing bicycle owners.



    At 13kg and slightly more than 1m in length, the DYU seated e-scooter is extremely portable. Not to mention that the designer deliberately crafted a groove below the holding area for a more natural carrying posture. It can be easily brought up to the MRT or bus.

    The front stem is also foldable. After folding, it measures 0.2m in width. You can easily fit up to 2 units in a regular sized car boot. Though the DYU UL2272 e-scooter does not have suspension, its 12-inch front and rear pneumatic tires are extremely comfortable even on long rides.


    The DYU UL2272 certified seated e-scooter is packed with a whole lot of cool features such as electric horn, App support, front light, rear braking light, in-app self-diagnostic, cruise control and a lot more.

    The slim and sleek appearance coupled with a quiet 36V 250W DC brushless motor is able to carry up to 120kg load.

    * Product specifications are subjected to change without notice.

  5. On 11/19/2019 at 2:34 AM, DK_SCOOTER said:

    That's extremely fast! Probably the fastest one I've heard of. Really risky though. In Denmark the fastest is MCU-Sport 48V Brushless 1600W Xtreme which can go 31 MPH (50 km/h). Actually Denmark passed a law stating that any electric scooter which can go faster than 20 km/h (12.5 MPH) is illegal on public roads. So I guess we won't experience the insanity of the Nanrobot LS7.

    When someone needs a insanely high speed, he'd better take a car. Any scooter or ebike with only 2 wheels doesn't has the stability like cars.

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