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  1. Yes, of course. However, take notes that some extra tax will be applied sometimes.
  2. 1. Check if your APP locked your e-bike 2. Charge the ebike and spin the accelerator to see if the wheel rotates. 3. Disassemble the battery shell, check if some cables are damaged. 4. Connect and disconnect the motor cable to see if the bike work again.
  3. Hi, sorry hearing about that. A few things may cause this: 1. APP 2. Battery 3. Motor 4. Cable/ Wire
  4. Hi, Alain, have you solved the problem? I noted Robin for the reply. He's on business travel at present and might be kind of busy.
  5. It's the Bluetooth board problem. Would love to help when your card arrive.
  6. Does the bike work normal? Is there any malfunction? Some cable or wire is useless according to previous user feedback, and it even goes right when some cable is not connected or plugged in.
  7. A new app will be updated to fix the max speed limiting problem soon. Download old version DYU APP in 2018
  8. That's true. Speed over 25km is not legal in many areas in the world and it's not safe when riding over 25km at 30 km, so the DYU bike is designed from normal max speed at 25km and downslope max speed at 30km.
  9. Hi, it's not a bug but a regular update. The previous speed restriction is removed, not matter it shows 25km or 30km, the speed restriction doesn't exist anymore. The old version app restricts the new bike speed at 10km/h at its first 10 miles, and now the new bike has no speed limitation anymore.
  10. It's very possible to be this problem. Be very careful of the shortcut problem, it's kind of dangerous. Buying from our reseller is recommended: https://www.falconpev.com.sg/pages/contact-us And we sell it as well, but please notice that we might be kind of slow in shipping the detailing orders cause our major business is wholesale.
  11. After the discussion with DYU engineer, it looks like a shortcut in the motor. And you need to check if the 3 green ends of the motor cable touch each other. When the ends get together, it will cause shortcut and the wheel will die and be locked. Besides, the very bad noise should come from the friction of the disk brake. It needs more details like a short video to find out where the problem lies.
  12. We got your message and are researching your noise and wheel problem on the e-bike. Please hold on for a moment. It would be better if you can share some short video on the problem, we would be grateful.
  13. Getting it from your direct seller is the best way.
  14. Getting a rear tire from our sales agent then replacing it will solve the problem.
  15. Thanks for sharing your experience
  16. Thanks for using Dyu bike and the useful information you provided! You need a new Bluetooth board for replacing and there is some video online showing how to install it in a minute. Besides. when the Bluetooth board arrived, we'd love to help. Drop us a email at fwheel@fwheel.cc will ensure you complete & all-around help as well.
  17. DYU D3 has 2 versions: one is 5.2 mAh and another is 10.4 mAh. You can identify the version by checking the distance the bike goes or open up the e-bike shell to see the battery inside.
  18. DYU folding electric bike charger style comparisons: Chinese charger EU charger UK charger US charger
  19. DYU folding electric bike charger style comparisons: Chinese charger EU charger UK charger US charger
  20. DYU folding electric bike charger style comparisons: Chinese charger EU charger UK charger US charger
  21. All the product details of F-wheel DYU https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jcWirJYO8pqts4ftMnyZJ7DJtnC2VejmQHR5Kf5Kt0A/edit?usp=sharing
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