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  1. Does F - wheel D1 DYU Electric Bike have CE certificate? It has CE, FCC certificates.
  2. Can I ask? Deluxe type (10Ah) have a disc brake on the front and back wheel? No, sorry. Deluxe Edition has front and rear disc brakes.
  3. Can this item be shipped to my country? We can deliver orders to most countries. For a detailed explanation of each shipping method, destination and approximate delivery time, please ask our sales personnel here
  4. Whether the bicycle throttle can be moved on the left acceleration? No, it can't. You can adjust the speed via App.
  5. Can the height of chair be adjusted? No, it can't be adjusted. New models can adjust the height
  6. Whether the motor is brushless? The motor is brushless.
  7. Does F - wheel DYU D1 Electric Bike ( Deluxe Version ) have the front and rear disc brakes? Yes, it does.
  8. DYU D1 Electric Bike Frequently Asked Questions collection. All kinds of solutions before you ask.
  9. F wheel DYU Electric Bike - Deluxe Version Review from Customer
  10. App crashes relate to different phone systems, cache & unknown app incompatible problem. We need more details about how to perform the problem again. Therefore, it's recommended to chat with us online on our official site: https://www.fwheel.cc
  11. Unfortunately, we don't have coc papers (certificate of conformity in Europe) at present. But we are applying it and you'll get it in the near future.
  12. Many experienced distributors and importers have experience difficulty in communicating with the factories. But nowadays, factories are improving their communicating skills and serviceability. Once they move the first step with the factory, they'll find great potential in making the business even much more profitable.
  13. It's the official parameters of DYU electric bike. Welcome to read and contact us for the latest DYU bike price. Excel Pdf of DYU D1 DYU D2 DYU D3
  14. Leave a message on this page to talk with the official sales person from DYU: https://www.fwheel.cc/contact-us/
  15. It's usually sold between 500-600 USD on market. Wholesale will be much cheaper, but it needs bulk orders and huge quantity. Usually, the minimum wholesale order is 20 sets. Price is negotiable. Remark: 1. Sample is available 2.Lead time for mass production:40-60days 3.Payment term:50% deposit before production, full balance before shipping 4. The mileage will be different according to the rider's weight, road situation, skill, tempreture changes 5.Package: one carton, one charger, one manual.
  16. Sorry hearing about that. Does locking and unlocking help solve the problem? It seems something wrong happened with the brake.
  17. Great hearing that. It's a piece of good news. Sometimes it just needs a little secret skill to make it go normal.
  18. Hi, Martin, 3 modes has 3 different speed limits: eco: 15km/h mid: 20km/h high: 25km/h
  19. @Nicole (Nicole) Tang Hello, GBB, thanks for asking. I've emailed the official person to answer your question, you'll get reply soon
  20. @Nicole (Nicole) Tang Hello, thanks for asking. I've emailed the official person to answer your question, you'll get reply soon
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