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  1. Zongshen Motorcycle Production Profile The Company now has 7 motorcycle assembly lines and test lines, which can produce kinds of motorcycles of 50CC - 250CC, including street motorcycle, cub motorcycles, off-road motorcycle, scooter and chopper etc. The annual output of motorcycle is 2 million. The Company has workshops of assembly, stamp welding, injection, painting, harness and seat cushion etc. It is supported by Zongshen Power Machinery Co., Ltd. with annual output of 4 million motorcycle engines and professional transportation company responsible for logistics. It also has over 200 manufacturers of motorcycle spare parts for supporting services. Guided by the idea of lean management and sophisticated manufacture, Zongshen Motorcycle can ensure timely delivery of products with proper quantity and quality to users in China. Quality Management Section Information I. Management guideline 1. Quality guideline: focusing on prevention, controlling the process, continuously making improvement and striving for superiority. 2. Guideline for environmental and occupational-health safety management: reducing energy consumption, preventing pollution, mitigating risks, ensuring health and safety, following laws and continuously making improvement. II. Management target 1. Quality goal: ●Medium term goal (3 years) on the rate of disqualified marketing parts: annually down 30%; ●Medium term goal (3 years) on clients’ satisfaction: annually up 5%; 2. Goal on environmental and occupational-health safety management: ● Reducing energy consumption: The consumption of water, electricity and materials decreases according to the controlled rate; ● Pollutant control: The noise level is within the range as regulated (in conformity with the standard), and the pollutant control reaches the national standard; ●Control of dangerous chemicals: No such accidents as explosion, poisoning or leakage happen; ●No person all within a whole year suffers from occupational disease, no major safety accidents or fires occur. III. Construction of management system Zongshen Motorcycle attaches great importance to the construction of the management system. It is the first in this industry to introduce the ISO9000 quality management system. In 2006, Zongshen Motorcycle introduced the ISO14001 environment management system and the OHSAS18001 occupational health safety management system and integrated the ISO9001, the ISO14001 and the OHSAS18001 systems, thus establishing an integrated management platform. System title First certificated in Certified by Certification range ISO9000 quality management system October 2006 CQC Design, production and service of motorcycles, electrical bikes and parts ISO14001environment management system October 2006 CQC Design, production and service of motorcycles, electrical bikes and parts OHSAS18001 occupational health safety management system October 2006 CQC Design, production and service of motorcycles, electrical bikes and parts ISO/TS16949 March 2008 SGS Production and service of motorcycle coverings, air filters and automobile plastic air intake manifold TQM total quality management
  2. Yes. It was a large motorcycle manufacturer in the past few years. But with the development the Chinese market, motorcycle are disappearing from the history of China and its sales amount drop greatly year after year. Nowadays, most Chinese ride a car instead of the motorcycle burning gas. Zongshen Motor is facing death like Nokia and looking for ways to save itself. Recently, it started to produce high large e bikes like motorcycles now but its sale amount is far behind the ebike manufacturers like DYU and Yadea . In the Chinese motorcycle industry Zongshen is a Chinese company producing motorcycles, quad bikes, generators and engines, based in Chongqing, China. It claims to have a yearly output of over 1,000,000 motorcycles. Zongshen Chongqing is the original manufacturer of Zongshen 200 GS and Zongshen 250 GS. Wikipedia Founded: 1992 Number of employees: 18,000 Subsidiaries: Hong Kong VAS International Development Limited, MORE
  3. Hi, great e scoots. thanks for sharing
  4. Do you have a waterproof test report? Yes, in the attachment pdf file: Waterproof Test Report of D3F--IP54.pdf
  5. You might need to order a brake lever for this, where did you bought the DYU D3 ebike? It's recommended to ask it from our reseller or buy from us directly. And I'm sending you a video on how to replace it soon. Now I'm uploading it
  6. According to your description, your brake lever is broken and needs a replacement.
  7. Do you DYU sell spare parts officially? Yes. But we recommend buying from resellers which would be cheaper and faster. https://www.falconpev.com.sg/collections/dyu-spare-parts https://www.passiongadgets.com/replacement-parts-for-dyu-electric-scooter./ https://www.inlinex.com.sg/products/dyuspareparts
  8. https://sg.carousell.com/p/external-battery-lithium-battery-36v-battery-custom-build-battery-for-dyu-scooter-any-scooter-ebike-160042671/
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