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  1. Dear Jay, The KM/H on display can not be changed/set to MPH,plz note.
  2. OK, it's glad that you already solved it. and thank you so much for your good helpful advise.
  3. Yes,attached is our new design coming this year.
  4. Dear friend, I don't think it works.
  5. When speed goes over 15KM/H, it will have the remind sound of"Phiiii",it's normal,all our D3+ has this. Which brake did you want to adjust? front brake or left brake?
  6. No yet. If you need these spare parts for the after sale of your D3+,then you can order from your seller directly who you buy your ebikes.
  7. "Not for the light but for brake pads !", what do you mean of this?
  8. Dear Ruben, I am so sorry to hear that, for better find your problem and offer the solution, I have a few questions need your confirmation: 1)How many did you keeping charging your bike at your last time? 2) did the battery die after your run out of all power while riding or did it die overnight when there still was enough power on bike? 3) Did the battery die when it was charging or after finished charging? 4), Which model do you hold? does your APP work normally? 5)plz also take a video for my reference. Thank you for your cooperation.
  9. Hi Peter, I am sorry to hear that, you can replace a new bluetooth and a new headlight
  10. Hi Christopher, Max speed of all our DYU ebikes is 25KM/H. For new ebikes, the factory speed is 20KM/H, you can adjust it to 25KM/H after you ride more than 10KM and it also shows over 10KM in your App.
  11. Ebikes price and quality vary much even though they look the same on apperance,for example, lithium battery price is much higher and quality is much better than ebikes with lead acid battery, even though they both use lithium battery of both lead acid battery, its brand also makes price differ much, such as LG battery price is much higher than normal brand battery,of course it's quality also better. then it's about the material of ebikes, aluminum alloy material better and higher than metal material.
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