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  1. As a busy person doing stuff managing sole proprietor business for the sake of the system's code, I would still love to give nurture for the higher self. Joining online communities rises my precious idea to influence my interest in some areas of thoughts exchange.

    I love the outdoor sport to fill my desired activities such as Surf, Paragliding, Rock Climbing, Sky Diving, Skateboard, Biking, Motorcycling, Longboard, Wingsuit, and More adventures! I'm a music enthusiast and nature lover which heighten my spirit.

    Cannabis News

  2. Where can you find spare parts for the bike such as tires or inner tubes, drums etc.?

    1. Rosy (Rosy Chen) Chen

      Rosy (Rosy Chen) Chen

      You can buy from your seller, they always have the spare parts, if not, then you can order from us

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