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  1. On 11/4/2019 at 3:26 AM, julien said:

    Probleme pour recharger une batterie a 100%.

    Apres plusieur essai la batterie ne se recharge uniquement avec 3 barres sur 4.

    Le chargeur a le voyant au vert en fin de chargement.

    Petit commentaire dyu vent des velos en tres grand nombre, il me semble que la garanti devrait pouvoir fonctionner.

    Le fait d'etre fabricant chinois ne doit pas etre un argument. Le minimum est d'avoir des pieces de rechange.

    La liste des problemes commence a etre longue pour mon velo, est malgre de nombreux mail photo contact avec distributeur, a la fin il n'y a rien et je dois me debrouiller pour le faire fonctionner.

    Dear Friend, Which model of your bike did you hold? Does your bike has a bluetooth and APP? sometimes the bike display battery show is not so accurate, but in the APP you can check the battery accurately, so plz check the battery in you APP after it is full charged.

    For more convenient of our communication and better solve your problem, plz contact me by email: sales1@fwheel.cc   or whatsapp:+86-19874721203   thank you

  2. 15 hours ago, Eduardo Gomes said:

    How can I increase the top speed for DYU D2?


    our max speed of D2 is 25KM/H. You can adjust the max speed to 25KM/H in the DYU APP. But there is no way to adjust max speed over 25KM/H. plz note

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  3. On 8/10/2019 at 3:26 AM, Charles Williams said:

    I've had my d2f for a couple of weeks I jump on today and I just stops working mid ride this sucks guys can you please help it shows power no acceleration when I throttle nothing happens please help!

    I need to check more information on your bike to find out the problem, maybe it's problem on throttle or something else. plz add my whatsapp:+86-19874721203 for more convenient of our communication and for me to better solve your problem.

  4. On 8/5/2019 at 1:38 PM, Burton Trattner said:

    Brake lever is fully off.

    What do you mean by gear shift?  I do not have have a gear shift control. 

    My handle bars only have 1 brake lever, the power switch, and horn on the left side.  On the right side my handle bar only has the Display and the cruise control.  No gear shift!

    What I mean gear shift is the throttle.  What do you mean of the brake lever is fully off? 

  5. 11 hours ago, Burton Trattner said:

    My brand new DYU-D1 wont run out of the box. Lights, horn all work and the battery is fully charged. The APP Self Checking indicates Battery X.  BASIC indicates 8.9 volts.

    With my digital voltmeter, measuring battery voltage at the recharging connector measures 41.6 volts.

    Lots of free play on the brake lever and is assuredly off. 

      That BASIC 8.9 Volt reading in the APP.  Whats that supposed to be?

    Any ideas on what the problem might be?

    Which function of your bike doesn't work normally now? The gear shift or the power?

  6. On 8/2/2019 at 1:33 PM, Charles Williams said:

    Also if the d2f doesn't have blue tooth how can I gps track if it gets stolen also how do I change the speed settings without the app come on guys I bought my d2f from wish it was suppose to be a d2 I the every dyu they sell are d2fs and they charge different prices this is very deceiving

    all our ebikes don't have GPS not only D2F. Our GPS only work in China. D2F withour APP can't change the speed setting.


  7. On 7/27/2019 at 10:53 AM, Burton Trattner said:

    Further tests:

    I measured the battery voltage at the charge port.  It reads 42.1 volts.  The handle bar display also shows a full battery.

    Within the Ancheer APP,  Self checking  displays Battery test Failure with an X.  But in the app I select BASIC.  There it shows a battery voltage of 8.9V.  Is that right?

    Lights and horn work normally.. It just wont run.

    How do I test if the brake switch is not the problem?  How do I test if the throttle when closed is fully closed? )


    je9almwd.bmp 7.91 MB · 1 download

    Dear, Thank you for your informaiton. Our brake is power-off brake, if the brake doesn't rebound fully, then the throttle won't run,plz check whether the brake rebound fully already.  For the volt, informaiton in APP is only correct when bike power is finished full charged. To better and quicker solve your problem, plz contact me by my whatsapp: +86-19874721203

  8. On 7/26/2019 at 11:23 AM, Mike said:

    I'd like to become OEM reseller in Canada. Can you please send me the price list for different quantities.


    Dear friend, No problem to become OEM seller in Canada,plz email me your exact OEM demands to my email: sales1@fwheel.cc and I will send price list . Thank you.

  9. 11 hours ago, Jose M. said:


    I know that max speed is 25 km/h but when you drive downhill or in good conditions speed can go over 25 km/h. In this case, velocity above 25 km/h, is clearly showed on the LCD display (right hand accelerator) but not in the mobil phone app which shows always speed below 25 km/h. I will try to explain this bug with some pics in next messages... thank you!!

    OK,Thank you for your inforamtion, I will tell this to my engineers.

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  10. On 7/20/2019 at 8:32 PM, Jose M. said:

    The velocimeter of the LCD display and the app IOS don't match when real speed in the LCD is over 25 km/h


    Test has been made on DYU D3+ 1) Cruise mode On, 2) Speed settings 30 km/h, Start up accelerator

    LCD=23,4 then Ios app=23,4 that's ok
    LCD=26,2 then IOS app= 24,2 don't macth
    This means that the app software does not admit values over 25 km/h

    Other minor bug in the IOA app (map screen when you discrad to save the track)
    Cancle >>> Cancel

    Thanks for your help!

    Dear friend,

    Yes,it's normal, our ebikes max speed is 25KM/H, so display can only match speed below 25KM/H, if over 25km/h,they it won't match on display,plz note.

    What do you mean of this?"Other minor bug in the IOA app (map screen when you discrad to save the track)
    Cancle >>> Cancel"   and how do you want to do with the track?


  11. 9 hours ago, Jay Kay said:

    Front and Left Brake. But it's ok. I went to a bike shop and they checked it out and adjusted for me. I wish there were instructions for a newbie - I know the left and right brakes handle have those little screws that you twist right and left to adjust intensity (?) and I guess the brakes itself by the tire has some sort of screw adjustments? Thank you. 

    OK, it's glad that you already solved it. and thank you so much for your good helpful advise. 

  12. 9 hours ago, Jay Kay said:

    Hello, I just receive my dyu D3 Plus. When I press on the brakes it makes a squeaking sound and going downhill the brakes seem weak.  How do I adjust  the brakes? I did not see anything in the manual. Thank you.

    When speed goes over 15KM/H, it will have the remind sound of"Phiiii",it's normal,all our D3+ has this. Which brake did you want to adjust? front brake or left brake?

  13. 10 hours ago, Ruben Gomez said:

    Used it once after charging and battery drained overnight. No longer able to charge. What can I do? Also, horn and lights dont work.

    Dear Ruben,

    I am so sorry to hear that, for better find your problem and offer the solution, I have a few questions need your confirmation: 1)How many did you keeping charging your bike at your last time?  2) did the battery die after your run out of all power while riding or did it die overnight when there still was enough power on bike?    3) Did the battery die when it was charging or after finished charging?  4), Which model do you hold? does your APP work normally?  5)plz also take a video for my reference.   Thank you for your cooperation.

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