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  1. Hallo!

    I have some problem with Bike D1 when I try to ride. 

    After a few seconds of driving under load, the motor-wheel turns off. After I return the throttle handle to the starting position, I am again ready to start.  The display at the time of shutdown does not go out, the voltage remains unchanged ...
    ... But If during starting I have a time to push the cruies-control button before motor turned off everything is OK in this case (like no problem at all) and I can ride until I stop the bike...
    ... By the way with a free wheel (without load) , it can rotate  for hours without stoppage ... "

    So It looks like some kind of current protection switch off power.

    The battery and its voltagу is OK. I opened the motor-wheel and visually everything is OK. 

    I have check the voltage at all three hall sensors (with rotation of wheel) and it is similar per each phase and pick is about 3.27 V.

    What else can be a problem with ?

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