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  1. Dear All, please reference this size: 13.5cm,
  2. Hi, only when you press the cruise button, then it can work, otherwise it's dangerous, hope this can help you
  3. Hi LUC, suggest you can buy the 14inch tires in local bike store, it should be more easier and it's a cheap way to solve the problem.
  4. Hi Julien,did you confirm the problem with your seller? the horn and bluetooth App all can't work, right?
  5. Hi Sir, Yes, we start to remove the speed limit, the APP has upgraded, so please check again after you ride 10km. any problem, please send me a video to email: fwheel@fwheel.cc.
  6. Hi, could you use the APP to do self-checking? then tell us the result. thanks
  7. Hi Alex, please send me a video, my email: sales3@fwheel.cc, i will ask engineer analyze it, then reply you how to fix.
  8. Hi Alex, thanks a lot for your feedbacks. Before the motor-wheel truns off, did you brake it? sometimes, when you braking, then release it, must fully release, otherwise can not work normally.
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