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  1. By 2025, expect to see 12 million electric vehicles being sold worldwide each year—and more than 40 million electric bikes. Accounting firm Deloitte says 300 million electric bikes will be out on the world's roads by 2023, which is 50 percent more than today. One reason: lithium-ion battery costs have dropped 87 percent between 2010 and 2019, and they're also much lighter than old e-bikes' lead-acid batteries. In the U.S., e-bikes are not the juggernaut they are in some parts of the world, but bike sharing and people moving to urban areas will propel increased U.S. s
  2. The epidemic has caused a huge impact on countries around the world. After the epidemic eases, countries are facing the problems of resuming work and factories and safe travel. Demands for personal light travel products such as bicycles, electric bicycles, and electric scooters are ushering in new huge growth. What is the status of the e-bike industry this year and what is the data? , For future forecast data, we have collected and sorted out the relevant data as follows: The China bicycle industry from January to July 2020 Data source: Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of
  3. DYU Egret electric bike is a new model among DYU series, it’s also named DYU L1 smart bike. DYU Egret is not only improved in appearance but also greatly enhance in performance. Now let’s take a closer look at the new e-bike. The idea of DYU L1 e-bike originates from the wild creature, Egret. This new e-bike takes the use of egret bird bionic design, integrating with features like ergonomics, comfortable riding experience and good looking & elegant appearance. It might be the heavest electric bike among all the DYU series, but it’s still as light as 34KG (74.95717lbs), girl
  4. Maybe it's the technical API upgrade that the APP team didn't notice. They'll fix it soon. DYU APP is always there on playstore: https://play.google.com/store/search?q=dyu&hl=en_US And you could also download it from here: https://www.fwheel.cc/download-app or https://forum.fwheel.cc/files/
  5. I do have a question regarding the rear-tail light (D3+). I'm not sure where and how to attach it. If you have a link to a manual, that would be great.
  6. You can also buy it here: https://dyu.fwheel.cc/product-category/accessories/
  7. Email at fwheel@fwheel.cc for that
  8. D3F English Manual–with pedal D3F English Manual–without pedal
  9. Hi Sophia, the meter is at the dashboard place (2):
  10. And other related videos: https://www.fwheel.cc/most-detailed-dyu-electric-bike-maintenance-videos-no-need-to-worry-about-the-after-sales-anymore/
  11. I want buy DYU D3F (with pedals) and I have some questions. Sorry for my English, isn’t so good. 1. There is the possibility bike move alone (without do pedals for some minutes, like scooter) with maximum speed (25 km/h)? 2. This bike has only one speed (the maximum), doesn’t have low speed and medium speed? 3. The App is available for iPhone and has English (and Greek)? 4. Last question, can we have access and find it in market spare parts, in battery, moter, gear shift etc for fix it or change it, in the future damage?
  12. One of the DYU agents in Greece: https://youhou.gr/DYU
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