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  1. Hi Nick, there isn't a different power assist mode as far as I know. But there is a cruise mode that you can keep the speed unchanged while riding without twisting the throttle. There isn't a speed lock in my knowledge range. Max speed is 25km/h
  2. Hi Gordon, according to your description, the switch or the throttle hand bar is broken and you need a replacement. Contact the seller directly for this would be the best choice.
  3. Hi friend, it's normal. 25km/h is an ideal and max speed. Real speed might be a little slower. D3F doesn't comes with bluetooth, it's true. By the way, may I have your weight?
  4. Reseting the password needs manual help from the DYU support staff. Their contact: fwheel@fwheel.cc
  5. Hi Shane, which model is your ebike? Some model doesn't come with the APP function.
  6. Some cable inside the ebike may be loose and unplugged due to bumps. Or the cable itself is broken. Can you open up the ebike and take a picture or a video of it?
  7. It's possible but it's not recommended. Because the ebike body material may block the bluetooth signal in some models of DYU ebikes. To learn more, please email at fwheel@fwheel.cc
  8. Hi Gordon, sorry hearing about it. As you say the e-bike is always power-on no matter you turn it off or not. So the problem is likely in the switch or bluetooth board. You need to disassemble the e-bike shell to find the Bluetooth board, unplug the 4 wire terminals on the Bluetooth board, those 4 wires are the switch line. If it can be turned off after unplugging, then the switch is broken; if it can’t be turned off, the Bluetooth board is broken and you need a replacement.
  9. The demand is rising. not decreasing. Because public transportation tools is not as reliable as ebikes.
  10. https://www.fwheel.cc/dyu-d1-smart-bike-function-and-breif-user-guide/ Automatic lights function has been removed/canceled since April 2018. New ebikes after 2018 doesn't come with the auto light function.
  11. Which model is it? D2 or D2Plus, D2 doesn't comes with an APP. If it's D2 Plus, the bluetooth board might be broken, or the wire inside the bike isn't connecting
  12. There isn't D5 dealer in Spain as we know. You could order from DYU official site by leaving a message here: https://www.fwheel.cc/contact-us/
  13. Hi Agi, the top speed of DYU e-bikes is 25km/h. The speed can't be increased higher than that.
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