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  1. 12 Jul DYU smart bike gets popular in Europe and wins a great reputation for its fashionable appearance, trendy design and awesome performance. Now it attracts the attention of the superstar singer Fero in Kosovo and gets the consent to collaborate on the posters and albums while carrying Fero. It’s an impressive and pleasant experience working with this handsome boy. Congratulations to this successful teamwork of Fero and DYU smart bike agent in Kosovo. User share – Going outdoors with DYU smart bike:
  2. Jesse Jin

    hidden settings P ... in D2

    Yes, it is. Also, the load affects the engine power and speed. The max load is 120kg. The higher load, the slower it goes.
  3. Jesse Jin

    hidden settings P ... in D2

    Dear @erikson did you charge the battery full? Full charge usually goes further the ebike is stronger in running.The ebike performance differs by setting it between MID and HIGH @Nicole (Nicole) Tang will give you more details about the question.
  4. I know that dyu have the automatic detect alert application when the bike being move?
  5. I recently bought a DYU D1. I am concerned about the battery. Can I replace the battery if it is faulty or gets old?
  6. Jesse Jin

    DYU App on Android keeps crashing

    Thanks for your valuable information. I noticed the APP department to correct the error in the next update.
  7. Hello, thanks for asking. I've emailed the official person to answer your question, you'll get reply soon
  8. Jesse Jin

    I am concerned about the battery

    Hello, thanks for asking. I've emailed the official person to answer your question, you'll get reply soon
  9. Jesse Jin

    DYU App on Android keeps crashing

    Hello, Billy, sorry hearing about this. I've reported the problem to the APP department of DYU smart bike. Meanwhile, can you check the problems mentioned in the post: https://www.fwheel.cc/dyu-d1-smart-bike-function-and-breif-user-guide/ and try the methods in the post to solve the problem? Most phones work OK with the APP except few phones do not support the API of the APP. The APP will be updated in 2 months to solve the problem.
  10. Jesse Jin

    DYU bike girl cartoon comics

    Thanks for your opinion. We love it as well.
  11. Hi, I own a DYU Smart Bike D1 and need the legal tecnical specs sheet documentation to present to authorities in European Union to be able to drive the bicycle, can you please send me the documentation? -- Thanks
  12. I have a company in Brazil and I want to buy the DYU Smart Bike D2. Could you sent the import conditions?
  13. how much dyu d2 & d1& a1 ?
  14. Salve, chiedevo quando sarà acquistabile il modello D3, grazie.
  15. I would like to buy one of your product, d1 deluxe. Do you know, where can i find in europe. Gearbest can send it to poland, but shipping time is almost 2 months. I dont have so much time to wait, that will be a present to my child for birthday (after 3 weeks).
  16. We are a commpany that would like to be distributor in our country chile of you products.
  17. Do you have a shop in Europa ? And What vil it kost ?
  18. I am interested of selling Your products in Estonia ( EU ) How we could make it happen and what are your requierements
  19. I’m searching the best electric bike for use in a big city, and i look your electric bike DYU D2. Now i’m looking for the best price, and i decided to write you an e-mail to know if you can give me a discount to use it on gearbest.