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  1. I want buy DYU D3F (with pedals) and I have some questions.
    Sorry for my English, isn’t so good.

    1. There is the possibility bike move alone (without do pedals for some minutes, like scooter) with maximum speed (25 km/h)?

    2. This bike has only one speed (the maximum), doesn’t have low speed and medium speed?

    3. The App is available for iPhone and has English (and Greek)?

    4. Last question, can we have access and find it in market spare parts, in battery, moter, gear shift etc for fix it or change it, in the future damage?

  2. Lightweight DYU Egret weighs 34kg, 20 kg is lighter than the same level products. It has been among the top list of AI research & development, creating a new trend in smart travel.

    The endurance of the battery has reached 80km, leading the way of magnet motor.

    The Egret E-bike has loaded the 4th generation DTST smart power assisting system, which has the function posture sensing, riding scenario judging and falling reminding, accident auto aid, riding habit recording, remote control, charging noting, battery malfunction remind, etc.

    This product also comes with GPS +Beidou + Signal Station 3 mode locating function. It prevents the bike from being stolen, which is very useful and caring.

    "We have a strong desire when starting making lightweight e-bikes that add the AI element into the products. Later, it becomes our core conception and competitiveness. Egret has combined the AI deeply and fulfills the initial intent of the brand, which has always been the motivation and direction of F-wheel & DYU. This is why the new DYU products are created and lead the way in the new e-bike industry.

  3. On 8/30/2020 at 5:45 PM, BARBOU sebastien said:


    Bonjour, j ai fait l acquisition d un de vos vélo électrique DYU 3 et je me trouve devant un problème.

    En effet celui-ci ne fonctionne pas.
    J ai acheter ce vélo sur le site CAFAGO le 27/06/2020, celui-ci met parvenu le 11/08/2020 et après 21 km il ne fonctionne déjà plus.
    Pouvez vous m aider ?
    Mr sebastien Barbou
    Merci d’avance.
    PS/ je vous joins également l’email envoyer a CAFAGO ainsi que le lien ou se trouve la video qui m on demandé de faire pour leur expliquer la panne
    Bonjour, après environ 6 semaines d attente concernant un vélo électrique, celui-ci est enfin arrivé. (CDE LE 27/06/2020 livré le LE 11/08/2020)
    J ai effectué 3 sorties pour environ 21km et celui-ci ne fonctionne déjà plus.
    Le moteur ne se déclenche plus ( cadran : feux : Klaxon eux fonctionnent )
    L application m indique que tout est OK lors du checking.
    Lorsque l on actionne la poignée d accélération le vélo avant d environ 5 a 10 cm puis ce coupe et plus RIEN.
    Que dois je faire ?
    Merci de me tenir au courant au plus vite de la démarche a suivre.
    Mr sebastien Barbou


    It needs to disassemble the battery box, check whether the connection between the motor cable and the controller is loose, and then unplug and plug the cables again. 
    If the problem still cannot be solved, it is recommended to replace the motor

  4. On 8/28/2020 at 6:55 PM, alex said:

    I have a problem with my DUY D3, no connection possible with the application. tests carried out with several telephones. do I need to disassemble the machine?

    Here is solution from the engineer: 

    1. Clear the Bluetooth connection record in the phone settings, turn off the Bluetooth, and then turn on the bike,  get close to the bike;
    2. Enter the APP on phone, click the Bluetooth icon in the upper left corner to turn on the phone Bluetooth;
    3. Click on the upper right corner to scan again, the letter DYU will appear after a few seconds, click to enter;
    4. When you see the battery temperature data display, it indicates that the connection is successful

  5. On 8/21/2020 at 6:20 AM, Shaun Salter said:

    Ah Just been told by the helpful vendor that this D3F doesn't have the Bluetooth card installed, which explains the lack of signal!

    The DQHB2.6 - CD3f controller in my D3F does have an unused 4 pin cable (Brown-gray-orange-black wires) which I think is for a Bluetooth card, there is a space for the card in the pod as with the other D3 models. Does anyone have the wiring schematic for this controller so I can check? I may just be able to buy and install the card seperately.


    Shaun Salter

    Dear Shaun, I asked the engineer, he said it's not recommened to add the Bluetooth card, which's due to the signal issue. D3F bike frame is metal, which differentiates with D3Plus

  6. On 9/1/2020 at 7:35 PM, nigel sharples said:

    Been waiting for a reply about when the dyu plus is going to be back in stock in poland so i can get one sent to me in the uk

    Dear Nigel Sharples, DYU D3F has been in stock in Poland again. It arrived 2 days ago. And it takes about 1 week to be delivered to the UK.

    DYU D3F has a bigger size than DYU D3 Plus. Other parameters are similar with DYU Plus. DYU D3 plus is sold out in Poland at the moment.

    To order the product, please contact fwheel@fwheel.cc

  7. The seat has a problem: I pushed the seat down in the video and now I cannot pull the seat back up. It is stuck -- will not come back up. I took it to a bicycle store and the guy tried to pull it but cannot. I sprayed it with some WD-40 and tried at home, the seat will not come back up. I have attached a video to show the seat stuck. 

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