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  1. Hello, my name is King and I bought the Dyu D1 bike. I am from Germany and i need some papers to drive it here. Do you have coc papers for me so i can officially drive it in Germany? With best regards King
  2. Ancheer DYU-D1 350w folding eBike Review Ancheer is a reseller of DYU-Fwheel: Product link: https://www.amazon.com/ANCHEER-Folding-Electric-Bicycle-Scooter/dp/B07L4K6NBC For over a decade, ANCHEER has been the premier distributor of high-quality health and fitness products. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California with a wide network of top manufacturers in Taiwan and China, ANCHEER has established long-lasting professional relationships that have enabled us to offer much more competitive pricing than the average industry distributor to you, our customers. Quality products and an unrelenting commitment to excellence in customer service are what make ANCHEER one of the fastest growing companies in the health and fitness equipment industry. The highest priorities of our large professional staff of sales consultants and specialists are customer support and satisfaction. It is of utmost importance to ANCHEER to ensure our #1 goal of maximizing your profit and efficiency is reached on a consistent and ever-growing basis. With our sincerest appreciation, we would like to thank our incredible clients for their unwavering support of ANCHEER and our mission of providing elite products and customer service. We encourage prospective customers to contact us to be a part of the "Ancheer Difference" and find out why ANCHEER is the missing ingredient to taking the success of your business beyond your goals and expectations.
  3. Hi, pfx, can you press the cruise button to stop the cruise mode? If it stops, the problem lies in the cruise button, you only need to fix the cruise button. When 2 brake bars both cannot stop the cruise mode, you need to replace the electricity-cut-down brake bars. Waiting for your reply
  4. It's a tradition manual power bike manufacturer. It has become the past.
  5. Did you reset the app or clear the cache for the app? The tech says it's likely the problem of app crash. Firstly, excluding the app problem and then we can find if there is something in other places. Its app is weak and there will be an update in the near future.
  6. It might be the brake or app problem. I'll report it to the tech department on Monday for the solution to your bike.
  7. Hi, please have a try 12345678
  8. Download the sheet in the attachment to know more DYU bike parameters comparision sheet.xlsx
  9. Do you still have the problem? Maybe something wrong happened in the brake, it needs a little adjustment to make it go normal.
  10. Hi, Maxi, here are all the app we have. Unicycle app should be the dolphin one: https://www.fwheel.cc/download-app/ Wish it would be the help of you. Please reply the message when you still have the problem about the unicycle
  11. Dear Peter, you can find spare parts from our agents like Passiongadget , Aliexpresss etc. Of course, getting the spare parts from the agent of DYU - Fwheel will help you get it faster at a lower price when they have it in stock in your local area. We DYU - F-wheel Company as an ebike factory mainly handle the wholesale business and serve the agents, wholesalers, resellers etc.
  12. 12 Jul DYU smart bike gets popular in Europe and wins a great reputation for its fashionable appearance, trendy design and awesome performance. Now it attracts the attention of the superstar singer Fero in Kosovo and gets the consent to collaborate on the posters and albums while carrying Fero. It’s an impressive and pleasant experience working with this handsome boy. Congratulations to this successful teamwork of Fero and DYU smart bike agent in Kosovo. User share – Going outdoors with DYU smart bike:
  13. Yes, it is. Also, the load affects the engine power and speed. The max load is 120kg. The higher load, the slower it goes.
  14. Dear @erikson did you charge the battery full? Full charge usually goes further the ebike is stronger in running.The ebike performance differs by setting it between MID and HIGH @Nicole (Nicole) Tang will give you more details about the question.
  15. Thanks for your valuable information. I noticed the APP department to correct the error in the next update.
  16. Hello, thanks for asking. I've emailed the official person to answer your question, you'll get reply soon
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