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  1. Hello, thanks for asking. I've emailed the official person to answer your question, you'll get reply soon
  2. Hello, Billy, sorry hearing about this. I've reported the problem to the APP department of DYU smart bike. Meanwhile, can you check the problems mentioned in the post: https://www.fwheel.cc/dyu-d1-smart-bike-function-and-breif-user-guide/ and try the methods in the post to solve the problem? Most phones work OK with the APP except few phones do not support the API of the APP. The APP will be updated in 2 months to solve the problem.
  3. Thanks for your opinion. We love it as well.
  4. Salve, chiedevo quando sarà acquistabile il modello D3, grazie.
  5. I would like to buy one of your product, d1 deluxe. Do you know, where can i find in europe. Dyu agent and our forum can send it to poland, but shipping time is almost 2 months. I dont have so much time to wait, that will be a present to my child for birthday (after 3 weeks).
  6. We are a commpany that would like to be distributor in our country chile of you products.
  7. Do you have a shop in Europa ? And What vil it kost ?
  8. I am interested of selling Your products in Estonia ( EU ) How we could make it happen and what are your requierements
  9. I’m searching the best electric bike for use in a big city, and i look your electric bike DYU D2. Now i’m looking for the best price, and i decided to write you an e-mail to know if you can give me a discount to use it on DYU forum
  10. Glad to hear that you're on the extruded aluminum profile , we specialize in thisfield for 14 years, with the strength of ERU&USA extruded aluminum profile with goodquality and pretty competitive price. Also we have our own professional designers to meet any of your requriements. Should you have any questions, email me, let's talk details. Best regards! sunny iangsu Xingyu Decorating Materials Co.,Ltd Add: No.178, Sandun west Road Zhouzhuang Town, Jiangyin City Jiangsu Province,China Phone: +8618068311865 E-mail : sunny@profiles-aluminum.com QQ:741618260 www.profiles-aluminum.com
  11. I have a company in Brazil and I want to buy the DYU Smart Bike D2. Could you sent the import conditions?
  12. DEBENHAMS RETAIL PLC is a retailer shop furnished by European products.We are looking to buy ( Fashion items, Perfumes, Lighters, Tiles Marbles, Wooden Floors, Smart-phones, Tablets, Laptops, TVs, Air conditioner etc...) and find new partnership with companies dealing with different products so can you please send us your Catalog or your website to learn more about your products or prices list by email and if we can make some order with you and start long-term partnership. Could you also tell us if you can supply us, more information about the possibility to become one of your regular customers? Our Payment Policy is payment by swift within 30 days after delivery. Waiting for your response.
  13. My name is unknown and I run the website "unknown Comments". My site focuses on content such as: beauty, fashion, and more. It's that time of the year again where we put together our holiday gift guide. I would really like the opportunity of working together on a Holiday post. unknown Comments currently receives 92,000 mpv and has a social media following of 21,000+. The post are covered not only on our website but also on all social media channels as well as YouTube and Facebook Live. I look forward to hearing from you and discussing ways we can work together.
  14. I want to purchase this bike but I can't find a seller. Can you advise on where I can purchase or have shipped to Canada ?
  15. HIMAX offers Electric bicycle battery;Energy storage battery; Li-ion 18650 battery cell; Flashlight battery; Vacuum Cleaner battery; power tools replacement battery; High Drain R/C UAV battery; Emergency lighting battery; Rechargeable battery pack. We make powerful lithium battery packs, built in house to customer requirements. All the battery cells are world famous for their Class Leading Power, Quick Charge Capability (15 mins fast charge), Reliability, Durability Under Extreme Conditions, Cycle Life more than 1000, and amongst the best Safety of any Li-Ion cell. For more information on our products, visit at www.himaxelectronics.com Hot sales: Samsung, SANYO, LG,SONY, Panasonic 18650 battery cell Electric bicycle battery Energy storage battery Customized RechargeableBattery Pack
  16. Just want to know if the A1 model comes with the throttle to control the speed? If i would like to purchase how and where can i buy it? How much is the price in SGD? Singapore law has a speed limit for electrical bicycle & E scooter which is 25km/hr. Does A1 fits the criteria?
  17. Hello, I would like to purchase the dyu d1 but it is out of stock on Amazon & eBay. Please inform me on the best way to do this, I live in San Antonio, TX, USA. I was going to buy through DYU forum but I'm a bit concerned w/ the reviews on the site. Please inform of the best way to purchase. Thanks in advance.
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