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  1. You're welcome. Our Poland warehouse has these parts in stock, and our colleague Robin has emailed you the details, have a good day!
  2. Hi Raúl, thanks for the valuable advice. According to multiple feedbacks from DYU users, this issue has happened in a certain group of DYU smart bikes. It's correlated with both Bluetooth board and APP. Newly produced DYU ebikes have eliminated the problem.To learn more about the details and solutions, please leave a message here or email fwheel@fwheel.cc
  3. That's true, wet conditons are bad to most e bikes. We really haven't heard about problems about the rubber cover, it's a valuable finding, thanks for sharing, this design will be improved later.
  4. That's true, but 12'' would not be good enough on small pothole.
  5. Dear Rider, did you contact our sales: fwheel@fwheel.cc What's their reply?
  6. Only some specific models (maybe D1F) can be modified to Ebike, contact our sales to see if your escooter is able to be converted: https://www.fwheel.cc/contact-us/
  7. Dear friend, this problem can be solved, please leave a message here: https://www.fwheel.cc/contact-us/
  8. Hi friend, very sorry hearing about it! Here are the links to download the Android deprecated versions: Download DYU APP in November 2019 Download DYU APP in August 2019 Download DYU APP in July 2019 Download DYU APP in May 2019 Download DYU APP in 2018 Download Forum Android Edge Version Download Rollgan APP Download Ancheer APP For more info about the app, please leave a message here:https://www.fwheel.cc/contact-us/
  9. Hi friend, very sorry hearing about it. Those problems are not big and can be solved with proper treatment. Could you please contact our sales to help you out of it? I'm sure all your problem can be solved by our sales by leaving a message here: https://www.fwheel.cc/contact-us/
  10. Yes, of course. I've transfered your message to the support department. You'll get reply soon. For futher info, please leave a message here: https://www.fwheel.cc/contact-us/
  11. There is some model of DYU with 14'' bigger wheels. But none of them can reach 40-45mph. Maybe they develope some bigger ones in the future according to your advice. What DYU care most at present is the portable size, nice appearance and performance stability.
  12. New bikes have some speed restriction at first. Later its speed restriction will be lifted automatically.
  13. Where did you buy it? You can contact the direct seller for a repair or replacement. DYU factory provides free spare parts to resellers for repairing or replacement.
  14. Where did you buy it? Please ask the seller to change a new one for you. If you bought from our factory directly, DYU would change a new one for you indeed. Because the agent-seller will accelerate the exchanging process.
  15. Can you shoot a video showing the problem so that I can come out with a solution for you?
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