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  1. I have a white DYU D3 Plus and I am unable to unlock the speed to 18 MPH or 30 kmh. The max speed it goes to is about 26.6 kmh or 16mph. I already went over the required 25kilometers needed. I have the DYU updated app. I have a black DYU D3 Plus which I've used longer and this goes to 18mph or 30kmh. So not sure whats going on, if the white DYU D3Plus is different. 😞 Help please!
  2. Wow that looks very interesting. Can't wait to hear more about it when it is unveiled. Thank you!
  3. I have a D3 Plus which also has a bluetooth app. I know this works for me: Keep your phone bluetooth off. Open the DYU APP. When it loads and searches it will ask permission to turn on bluetooth. Wait until you see the DYU app load then click YES to allow bluetooth. Good luck...
  4. I would like to know the answer to that as well. Thank you.
  5. Front and Left Brake. But it's ok. I went to a bike shop and they checked it out and adjusted for me. I wish there were instructions for a newbie - I know the left and right brakes handle have those little screws that you twist right and left to adjust intensity (?) and I guess the brakes itself by the tire has some sort of screw adjustments? Thank you.
  6. Hi will you be unveiling any new products coming this year?
  7. Do you have sellers in the United States for the dyu D3 plus accessories and spare parts? Such as the tires, brake pads Etc.
  8. Hello, I just receive my dyu D3 Plus. When I press on the brakes it makes a squeaking sound and going downhill the brakes seem weak. How do I adjust the brakes? I did not see anything in the manual. Thank you.
  9. Hello will the old app be able to reach the 30kph speed? Here in the US in my state we are allowed to have ebike speed up to 20 miles per hour. Please let me know! As a side note I just ordered the D3 plus from you guys and I am so excited hopefully it will arrive soon!
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