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  1. I have a D1, maybe it's different. Older version of the app let me set the top speed to 18mph. For some reason it never let me go to 20 like it was supposed to. Newer versions of the app refuse to go above 15mph. It's quite annoying as 20mph would be a perfect around town speed and the max 12" tires could handle. For clarification, the only reason I bought this in the first place was the advertised 20mph, so to find out it's limited deliberately to 15mph is .. ugh.
  2. How to hack the app so it unlocks more speed? I've been trying to get it to 20MPH forever now with no luck. Best I've seen was 17MPH downhill with like 2 version of the app back.. the newer apps seem to have locked the speed to 15MPH.. meh.
  3. No, you wouldn't want small tires, even 14" on something fast(30+ mph). You'd need at LEAST 20" or bigger probably.. "maybe" 16" but that's risky depending on their design. 14" on a 20-25mph would be acceptable, and preferrable to the 12".
  4. Well, it's not solvable at this point, as it's a manufactured part. The only way I could solve it myself would be to 3D print a better cover, but that's too much effort, so for now I just don't ride in wet conditions.. just in case.
  5. Agree. I have a DYU D1, I'd like it to go 20mphish.. but anything more and it wouldn't be safe, it's already wobbly at 15mph with the small 12" wheels.. for better stability you'd have to have bigger wheels and more weight to make it more stable.. would be great to have DYU start thinking about making an electric motorcycle or scooter that gets like 45mph top speed.. for around town. Bigger wheels.. nice frame.. fast charge.. 40-45mph top speed(cause some roads in town are this speed and it's not safe to go slower when everyone else going this speed or more).. nice sleek look like the DYU electric bikes.. etc. If it was priced between 1k and 1.5k USD, or even cheaper but still quality, that would be amazing.
  6. Badly designed. Yes, it has a little rubber thing that goes directly over the actual port, which is a great feature. But, the area itself has a large floppy rubber thing that really doesn't snuggly fit without a huge waste of time wiggling it around trying to get it properly in place, which is annoying and time consuming and it's still loose no matter what you do so if it's protecting against water.. forget it. It's not a big deal, but the flare/taper in the middle of the handlebars makes it hard to mount a cellphone holder, if it was not flared/tapered it would be so easy. Another note, the brake, you have to either VERY GENTLY hold it to stop very slowly(what I do most times) or squeeze it super hard and stop super fast, because if you just squeeze anywhere in the middle the whole bike vibrates in a pulsing manner which is disconcerting and annoying as it jiggle you all over the place. After a while owning this bike, the D1, that's what I've noticed.
  7. I just downloaded and installed the new updated app. WORSE! How? I had it maxed to 18mph(not that I ever got that, most I ever achieved was RARELY 17mph downhill with momentum built up, AVG more like 15-16mph..ish), installed the new update for app, now it's maxed to 15. WTF? I wanted MORE speed, not less. Now it won't go over 15. It was supposed to go to 20mph. I also noticed the tired are really picky, if they aren't aired up to 45 every ride, you lose speed.
  8. They should turn this OFF or provide the ability to turn it off, in America this can cause a wreck by startling you the operator or nearby people who think you're honking at them for no reason, I've gotten glares a couple times when people thought I was honking at them when I wasn't it was the random honk. VERY annoying.
  9. How are some of you getting it to unlock the 30km/h option? I've gone over the 10km and it's still not letting me boost the speed. Using the 20190508 version of the app. It says no speed limit on the app update info but there's a speed limit. ???
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