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  1. Hi, After a full recharge, when the bike is used for some time and battery level is dropped, the battery level shown in the bike is different than the one indicated in the app. I am seeing 3 bars in the bike (when still) and the app indicates 36% load. Which one is more accurate to rely on?
  2. I have tried to locate this functionality but couldnt find any relevant button/option in the app. Is this for D1 deluxe only?
  3. Thanks for the reply. Searching through your online guide I have seen that sometimes you need to clear cache/storage of the app to properly work. Did that and now seems to be working fine.
  4. Hi, Every time i connect the phone with my D1, the general statistics of the bike (running time and general milaege) are shown zero. It seems like the total values are not stored. I am using the latest version of the Android app (downloaded from the google play store).
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