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  1. Dear Louis , Thanks for your message.

    Please enter the password 123456, then check will you get a wrong code, once you get a error code, please send it to me, I will ask our engineer help you find the right password.

    The email address: sales2@fwheel.cc

    On 9/10/2018 at 7:06 PM, Louis Luo said:

    My DYU bike has been locked for a week already. Unable to unlock due to problem running the DYU apps. Have tried reinstalling many time but failed to work. It keeps closing the apps all the times.

    I am using Samsung Note 9. Is it that the apps is not properly developed or tested?



    Dear Manuel Correia, thanks for your message.

    Please try to change a smart phone to try, if it still can not work, please send some video to me, I will ask our engineer to help you solve it asap.

    The email address: sales2@fwheel.cc

  2. Hi Tony, Thanks a lot for your message. But very sorry about this Ebike D2 can not adjust the seat height, because the frame fixed. but our clients do some modify by themselves, maybe you can reference, hope this can help you. 


  3. Sorry to hear that, could you send an email to Rosy, this is the email address: sales1@fwheel.cc, she will help you to solve this problem soon, don't forget to send the video about this problem and more details, then our engineer will analyze the problem quickly. Have a nice day.

  4. On 6/2/2018 at 8:36 AM, F-wheel & DYU said:

    our agents usually have parts stored in the local warehouse which is cheaper for replacing. Of course, we provide that too. we've emailed you the details

    Hi , Fwheel only sell the Ebikes, The max battery capacity is 10.4 AH, suggest you can buy one from other company or shops.

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