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  1. does the temperature of the battery limit the engine power?
  2. 22km / h after 2km drops to 12km / h, for 4km barely goes-no strength, the battery has 40 "C, rests again again has a full strength of 2 km
  3. do you know how to reset the settings?
  4. the battery is fully charged, it happened suddenly, the bike is almost new
  5. does it differ between MID and HIGH settings?
  6. I have a different problem, the bike accelerates up to 25km / h, earlier up to 30km / h, today after a distance of 2km limits its power, is weaker and reduces the max speed to 15km / h, after waiting a few minutes the power returns for a moment, the bike has run only 95km
  7. I managed to enter hidden settings P ... by pressing 2 buttons, what can you do there, set?
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