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  1. Good day all. My name is Trevor. I bought and received yesterday for my grandson a new DYU 3 electric bike. I took my time to put it together, charge it in the correct manner yet I have no sign of life in the bike. I do have three questions that perhaps someone can help me with, I apologise if you have heard this before. During the charging phase the light was on red but turned to green after a few hours. I have not taken the bike out and its still in my lounge. I am 66 and bought it for my grandson here in the UK. Can I ask is the App critical to running the bike, I am having a real hard time for the app t o identify the bike, yet my same phone identifies my blue tooth head phones for example. The bike has no life it it at all, which makes me think that maybe the bike is in a lock mode. However I cant get passed the blue tooth app because it doesn't see my bike so its catch 22. Am I right in saying I don't need the app at all, if so then I have two problems one with the bike and the other with my app. Surely the Bluetooth in the bike needs some power? I would be grateful if anyone can help Thanks
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