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  1. I've relocated my charging port using only the original wiring and receptacle... Makes recharging super simple...
  2. FYI: Velcro strap-on foldable mirrors and they work great....
  3. I found a better way of silencing the horn until the NEW Horn button is depressed. Now it works like one expects... No more random blowing of the horn... RandomHornBlowing.mp4
  4. A simply way to do this from your end (engineering department) would be to simply put the charging receptacle/port near the bikes frame handle (at the top in the plastic casing) location using the same technique as it was done at the bottom of the bike. There's plenty of room in the battery box to do this design.
  5. My Charging cord extension Modification/Add-on makes it easier to recharge the E-bike.
  6. As long as you don't modify the bike like I did, I don't see why your warranty would be voided (As for the warranty, they only last so long...) As for the locator tracking system, I don't have a clue how that works...
  7. I can't find anymore useful information on this issue except others that are having the same annoying issue with the horn. There is a way to manually shut down the horn via an external switch but of course you would have to flip ON the switch if the horn was needed later during an outing. It's crude but works... The only other options would be for DYU to either FIX the Bluetooth/Controller circuit board and stop this very annoying blowing of the horn OR create a Two-Detent Horn button. The two detent switch would work like this; when pressing the button, the first detent would c
  8. Is there anyway to deactivate it? It's really more of an annoyance than a helpful option. As for it being a reminder to be careful, can you imagine having your car or motorcycle blowing the horn as a reminder to be careful as you go down the road? Think about it, you're sitting in your car and someone behind you blows the horn yet there's nothing that requires the horn to be used? That can be very annoying... Are you sure it's just not a bad designed controller/bluetooth circuit board?
  9. Thanks for letting me know am not the only one that this is happening to... I contacted two places, the first one was [SALES3@FWHEEL.CC] and got this response; "About the horn happen to sound is normal things, please don't worry, we designed it for remind the clients for the safety.". I don't have a clue what safety they are talking about... I also contacted "F-wheel & DYU" on FaceBook and got this response; There should be something wrong with the button or the humid weather caused this issue during the shipping. Please contact your direct seller first which will help you fix it fast
  10. Is there any chance of having the option of using United States measurements on the DYU app? Plus, due to this app being used outside in the bright sunshine, the deep blue background in the app makes it very hard to see what's happening in the app while on the bike. Is there any chance of having the option of making the background of the app a bright WHITE and the numbers/letter BLACK? Thanks
  11. My horn on my DYU D1 randomly beeps on its own. There's no set time or distance but just beeps now and then. What would cause it to do that? I have a full charge and everything works normally but the horn problem.
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