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  1. Ah Just been told by the helpful vendor that this D3F doesn't have the Bluetooth card installed, which explains the lack of signal! The DQHB2.6 - CD3f controller in my D3F does have an unused 4 pin cable (Brown-gray-orange-black wires) which I think is for a Bluetooth card, there is a space for the card in the pod as with the other D3 models. Does anyone have the wiring schematic for this controller so I can check? I may just be able to buy and install the card seperately. Regards, Shaun Salter
  2. The other trick is to use a hair dryer to warm the outside while using an ice pack on the inner pole: The metal should expand and shrink respectively and one hopes will get it more clearance bwetween the inner and outer to pull out. A light smear of Copper-based anti-sieze such as "CopperEase" on the inside lower stem once you have it clear should stop it recurring. Best of luck! Shaun
  3. It's on the Google app site, at least in the UK: Try searching for CO2 if this link doesn't work: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vehicle.co2 cheers, Shaun
  4. I had the same issue on my D3+. Turns out there is two versions of the Apps, and while the DYU does not allow the top speed to be increased to 30Kph, the CO2 version did allow this: I believe this was intended for non EU areas where the restrictions are less harsh. Being a large person I rarely got more that 26Kph anyway.......
  5. I've just bought a D3F to replace my stolen D3+, I loved the D3+ and it was perfect for my needs. My D3+ had clear mode control on its handlebars, but the D3F that I have only has the D1-type controls. No LCD speedometer or meter, just the power level and cruise button. Is there a way to manually change the power-assist modes on this D3F? If not, can I just buy and install the D3+ controls? As the D3F is much slower than the D3+ I suspect it's currently in the lowest mode/gear setting. My D3+ did go faster after the first 10Km but I can't get the App to work to test it. I
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