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  1. Well, the bike locator in the app was the one on the lower left side that looks lile a compass.. well they say that only works in china.. will probabably try to fix this crazy horn soon then. ??
  2. Oh i wish its the only problem, i encounter.. well its not really a problem but one of its features , the bike tracker/locator doesnt work for me.. the locator tracks my phone instead of the bike.. so if i void the warranty not sure if they still goin to fix it.. ? ??
  3. Yes, true it doesn’t really help because 2x it happens at a red stop light.. ?? like olala can’t you wait or are you in rush?? Hope we can deactivate it...
  4. I bought this bike because one of its feature having the tracking device.. that if someone stoles it u can track where the bike is.. the thing is, in my phone application the tracker is locating where my phone is and not where the bike is?? What what i do with this?? I tried redownloading the app for 4x but same result.
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