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  1. Removing the Bluetooth board, the screen goes off (as before) but the pedal assist and throttle still are active even though the screen is off. How can it be the Bluetooth board if the issue happens when it's not connected, or does the Bluetooth actually determine actually switching it off? The bike is new, how does it get repaired?
  2. My D3+ appears to have unlocked its self to go at a higher pedal assist. Initially it was fully legal, only providing assist up to 25KPH, but now having cycled over 100KM, I've realised its started providing assistance at what is showing on the speedometer of 33 KPH With the throttle speed limit set to 22KPH in the app , the throttle stops at about 24KPH but sometimes jumps up to 33KPH When pedalling, if you give a sharp pedal, the motor kicks into a higher noise and the speedometer goes up to 33KPH and stays there (this is with the wheel tilted off the ground so it can spin fre
  3. Hi, I got a new D3+ but after the first trip out and charge, it won't switch off. The throttle and pedal assist stay active when the LCD is switched off, also Bluetooth stays active. If you leave the screen on, it does go off after 10 minutes, but again throttle, pedal assist and Bluetooth are still active. Also Bluetooth app appears to be misreporting the battery charge, its taking 0.44 KWH on my charge meter each time, which allowing for losses would be about 360 watt hours that the battery is, so I believe that the battery is fully charging, however Bluetooth showed 100% at full
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