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  1. Hello, could you please tell me whether the indicator light of the charger is red when the car starts to charge, and it turns green after a few hours? Or if when the ebike is charged, turn on the ebike and check out the horn is ringing or not. Let me know so we can find out where is trouble coming from, thanks.
  2. Hi friend, 25km/h is an ideal and max speed. For safety, it cannot reach a higher speed than that.
  3. don't worry, you can always ask me if you have any questions 😄
  4. of course, may I have you email address? I shall send it to you.
  5. Can you show me the picture of this part?
  6. Currently only the English version of the user manual
  7. 1. power supply 2.electric lock switch of controller 3.RX receive 4. data transmission(opposite with the RX) 5.negative pole
  8. Electric lock switch of controller. Hope it can help you.
  9. Could you send me the picture of the bluetooth board? let's solve the problem.
  10. Just asked my colleague, your password is 999999. Hope this can solve your problem.
  11. That's an engineering problem, we can hardly help you😞
  12. It is difficult to confirm the specific cause of the failure. Please provide the video and send it to my email dyudorrit@gmail.com, you'll get replied soon.
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