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DYU D2 Electric Bike Frequently Asked Questions

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What DYU D2 spare parts do you provide?

Following are the DYU D2 spare parts we have:

14'' Battery Case 

Footpadel (including Crank and pedal.)



14 '' Inner Tyre 

14'' Outer Tyre 

Front Brake Disc

Rear Brake Disc

Rear Braker 

Left Brake Lever(including Brake Cable)

Right Brake Lever(including Brake Cable)
Middle axle
Chain wheel
Assist power sensor
Chain adjuster 
Bluetooth Board

Control Board 

Rear Light 

Front light

Throttle Handle and Power Meter

Handlebar grip
Power Switch and Horn

Front Wheel Hub 



4.4 AH LG Battery 


10.4 AH LG Battery 


Charging Port and Connecting Wire 

Packaging Box 


Child Seat 

Front Fender


Rear Fender




Middle axle

Chain wheel




Assist power sensor


Chain adjuster




Handlebar grip


Power Switch and Horn


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I have a D3 Plus which also has a bluetooth app. I know this works for me: Keep your phone bluetooth off. Open the DYU APP. When it loads and searches it will ask permission to turn on bluetooth. Wait until you see the DYU app load then click YES to allow bluetooth. Good luck... 

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On 8/2/2019 at 1:33 PM, Charles Williams said:

Also if the d2f doesn't have blue tooth how can I gps track if it gets stolen also how do I change the speed settings without the app come on guys I bought my d2f from wish it was suppose to be a d2 I the every dyu they sell are d2fs and they charge different prices this is very deceiving

all our ebikes don't have GPS not only D2F. Our GPS only work in China. D2F withour APP can't change the speed setting.


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