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DYU Modification - All the information is collected online

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The Creative Modifications of The DYU: https://www.voromotors.com/blogs/news/the-creative-modifications-of-the-dyu

When the creative geniuses of Singapore get their hands on the DYU, the innovation is beyond our wildest imagination.

You can get all kinds of accessories, upgrades and modifications at almost every retailer outlet.

Today, we are featuring all the amazing upgrade works done by Singaporeans, users or retailers!  


 The invasion of DYU - Credits to: Just Visited 到此壹游 

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Jamie's Customised DYU From Synergy Scooters!

It’s finally here, the wait was worth it and the hype is real…Finally an LTA-Compliant Device that I can use for my daily commute! It’s time to seriously consider the DYU if you haven’t already purchased one!

Remember to join the Telegram groups for updates around Singapore regarding the GREEN MEN! 😉

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