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Wiring for Bluetooth circuit board

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8 hours ago, Butcher said:

Do you have a wiring manual for the Bluetooth circuit board on a D3+. The board I have is has 4 connectors.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Could you send me the picture of the bluetooth board? let's solve the problem.

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8 hours ago, Butcher said:

What about the 5 pin connector. I believe pin #2 is labeled DS. What does DS mean?

Thanks a bunch for the help too!

Electric lock switch of controller. 

Hope it can help you.

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3 hours ago, Butcher said:

Thank you, but what about the other 4 pins? On that connector.

Sorry for so many questions.

1. power supply 2.electric lock switch of controller 3.RX receive 4. data transmission(opposite with the RX) 5.negative pole

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