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Battery status/level power range doesn't decrease when riding

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Problem-solving in progress - Case Status: Open

Terryl Harris 
Replied: 2 hours ago

Hi Rosy

I used the bike twice. The second time i rode about 5 miles to try and get past the 10 miles unlocked speed. 

All while i rode the mileage showed/shows zero (0) used. all 4 bars still show as if i still had/have %100 power.

App range shows 12.1km. every other feature works fine. thought the horn beeps periodically when not touched?

The battery works fine. maybe drain a little sooner than I expect. I have the 5.2ah.

I'll try the APP test.

Rosy (Rosy Chen) Chen
2 hours ago, F-wheel DYU said:
If all other functions work normally and the total range shows 12.1KM you have been riding, then Bluetooth board is good and no any problem. I think you just need keep your APP connected with your bike by bluetooth normally when you are riding, then the power and range display will keep updating normally

Dear Terry,
Battery display both work in phone APP and on bike bar, if you don't always have your phone available, then you can also check on your bike bar about the battery condition very conveniently, The attached picture is the battery display of our D2 for your reference,plz kindly check.


Terryl Harris 
Replied: 2 hours ago

Yes that's how mine looks but with 4 solid bars all the time.

Oh, So you're saying i can use either or. But both at the same time?

I'll try tomorrow with just the bike battery display and disable the app to see if its works.

Thank you

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