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The wholesale prices of DYU smart bike are subject to change because the prices of raw materials, pedals, chains, dashboard and motor, etc., shipping fee and tax all change with the time.


Therefore, it's hard to give a fixed price in a long period like retailing. You know,1 dollar price rise or fall means a lot to bulk orders, wholesale is totally different from retail. 


The wholesale prices of DYU smart bike of different models range from 170 USD - 560 USD. Most are between 200 USD - 400 USD. (Notice: wholesale minimum order is 100 sets or more)


And what we can do is to calculate the right price at the moment you enquire about it (Click here to inquire), then we'll reply to you with emails of price list, catalog, and DYU scooter specs.

What we provide by email is the best price when you inquire, ensuring you buy decentest products at the lowest cost.


Moreover,  the retail prices of DYU smart bike also vary in different countries because we have different agents and dealers in different countries. If you'd like to buy 1 or 2 Dyu escooters. you can buy from our dealers enjoying the fastest delivery and best service.


Usually,  the agent of a specific country is not allow to sell DYU escooter to other countries according to our agent cooperation agreement.

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