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Jesse Jin

HIMAX offers Electric bicycle battery

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HIMAX offers Electric bicycle battery;Energy storage battery; Li-ion 18650 battery cell; Flashlight battery; Vacuum Cleaner battery; power tools replacement battery; High Drain R/C UAV battery; Emergency lighting battery; Rechargeable battery pack.


We make powerful lithium battery packs, built in house to customer requirements. All the battery cells are world famous for their Class Leading Power, Quick Charge Capability (15 mins fast charge), Reliability, Durability Under Extreme Conditions, Cycle Life more than 1000, and amongst the best Safety of any Li-Ion cell. For more information on our products, visit at www.himaxelectronics.com


Hot sales:

Samsung, SANYO, LG,SONY, Panasonic 18650 battery cell


Electric bicycle battery



Energy storage battery


Customized RechargeableBattery Pack


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